Positively Depressing

by Dead Rejects

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released May 17, 2013

Shane Sparacello - Vocals/Guitars
Adam Cichocki - Drums/Keys
Joey Dwyer - Bass

Recorded/Produced, Mixed and Mastered By Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios.

Songs And Lyrics Written by Shane Sparacello.

Guest Vocals On "Drunk Again" By Stephen Dzikowski
Gang Vocals - Shane, Adam, Austin
Cover Photo Designed By Benjamín Juárez Of Misery Art And Design

Released On Unknown Records/RiotSka Records



all rights reserved


Dead Rejects Bayonne, New Jersey

Dead Rejects are a two man ska/punk project outta Jersey City NJ.

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Track Name: Rude Girls Know What's Good
If you see me at a show
I hope that you're not shy
Get up on your feet
Lets skank on through the night
These words will carry on
I know you'll sing along
Dancing to the beats
Of our favorite songs

What would I do? x3
For the chance to dance with you

Please be my rude girl
Rude girl you know whats good tonight
Dancing to the music and it feels so right
Theres nothing more I want right now
than you and me and a night on the town

Lets go for coffee after the show
And stay out all fucking night
And never come back home
Forget our dead end jobs
The bullshit that were dealt
And tell you how I really feel
The best ive ever felt

For just one night
Lets forgfet everything
For just one night
Lets own this city
Track Name: Dead End Town
This towns dead to me, why cant you see?
That no one ever seems gets out alive
The sun never shines, just the darkest skies
Its got the power to keep us hyponotized
So we dig our graves, but who is left to save
When everyone is a victim of its crimes
It takes your family, it takes your friends
In this town it begins where it ends

This is no fantasy it is reality
These streets will break your fucking heart
But as you lie there in your bed
Youll remember the awful things we said

Someday, were gonna get out of here

Each afternoon, leads us to our doom
And just like that we forget all the same
So we jump in line, begging to die
As everyone trys to point the blame
These stubborn walls, the dirty bathroom stalls
They become our only ticket to fame
It will bring you down, this sad dead end town
I dont wanna be a player in this game
Track Name: Drunk Again
Wake up sunday morning without a fucking buck
Ive got to go to work but Im still fucking drunk

I...rocked the shitty 5 dollar pint
What the fuck did I do last night?
My head still hurts like hell
Glasses broke but I cant tell
I Lost my hat I hold so dear
Among the empty cans of beer
I wont drink until this ends
Oh wait it seems im drunk again

Im drunk again

Can someone tell me where I am
Ive got no money for a cab
A pizza pie is what I ate
No wonder why I cant lose weight
Did I confess my love for you?
Thats what drunken me loves to do
I wont drink until this ends
Oh wait it seems im drunk again

I never seem to get it right
Ill drink a case myself tonight
Wake up on the bathroom floor
And I wont recall the night before
I should have never sent those texts
Now im talking to my ex
Im waiting for this day to end
So I can just get drunk again
Track Name: Token Song About Cops
You're out to start the day and abuse everyone
Protect and serve? Ha what a fucking joke
I hope you fucking die in the worst way tonight
You're a rasict piece of shit you're a power hungry pig
Abusing our rights and killing innocents
And you go home with a smile everyday
You can tell yourself what your doings okay
People die everyday from those meant to keep us safe
Scot free they walk away these pigs need to fucking pay
Dont show them respect cause they dont respect you
Tell them to fuck off its the least you can do

Fuck The Police!

Its a shame we cant feel safe anymore
When its you the police who beat us to the floor
You wave your fucking badge, with your head held high
We're gonna cut you up and fry some bacon tonight
Fuck your stupid quotas, unwanted stop and frisks
Its time for you to die and you wont be fucking missed
You give the honest cops such a bad name
The world fucking hates you and you're the only one to blame
Track Name: From The Inside Out
On my way back one night
From my shitty fucking job
To my shitty fucking house alright
I got the urge to head to the store
to cop some fucking pills
Like I did for years before
But im not like that not anymore
But the demon inside rotting at my core
Is bashing my skull against my bedroom wall
And clawing at my skin waiting for your call

Im lost
I dont know what to do except write these shitty songs
And tell myself you were right all along

You ever feel like youve lost your grip
On something you loved before you slipped
Well I do every single day
Ive spent too many years just rotting away
I dont wanna go back
To the darker days before

Theres no turning back

I Cant let this sickness win
Im Rotting from within
Whats lost can soon be found
From the inside out

All I wanted was a fucking end
To this life of mine but I would just pretend
That things always went my way
Yes im fine and aint life great
My days are dark but they were much worse
But sometimes I feel like im right on course
For the life I swore I left behind
Where I sat at home just waiting to die
Track Name: Positively Depressing
Do you believe this life that we lead
Is really meant for us or what we really need?
Well im sorry if you're a friend of me
Cause I got the whole world as my arch enemy
Yeah im positive that im depressing as shit
But ive got few reasons to get over it
We can lie here all we damn like
But just pass me the blunt and ill pretend im alright
I see the world for the way it is
And I know you do too and it makes me sick
I wish I could be a little more like you
On the brighter side of life we choose
You say "whats there to be sad about?"
And sometimes I cant seem to figure that out
So maybe I got it all wrong
But I can bet my life that you knew it all along
We all search for something more
Or just someone to have and hold
We are few but were not alone
We are lost but we'll make it home
We all search for something more
Or just someone to have and hold
We are few but were not alone

I swear without you I think id be dead
But There still so much more that I left unsaid
When life wont quit dragging me down
At least I got friends to keep me around
I promise you are not alone x2

If your anything like me
You will welcome catastropy
So please oh please
Will you hate the world with me?

Theres nothing left to seperate
Between the lies that we all create
I know who you are and for its worth
You're the only good thing left on this earth
So we just keep walking down dead end streets
With no where to go and no where to be
I cant quite tell through my blood shot eyes
What you think of me on my darkest nights
Let the smoke just fill the room
And ill spill my bitter cold heart to you
So I never have to live another day
Tellin myself I have nothing to say
I still owe so much to you
Like whats left of me and what we oughta lose
I promise I'll always be by your side
Cause rejects like us only live or fucking die

You are not alone